Paper bag making machine & Flexo printing machine manufacturer

When it comes to paper bag production, whether it is tote bag, grocery bag, or gift bag manufacturing, customers around the world often turn to Fangbang as their trusted Chinese paper bag making machine provider. Here at Fangbang, we help paper bag businesses produce a variety of paper bags, in almost any size and out of any type of paper by supplying them with roll-fed or sheet-fed paper bag machines. Not all paper bags are created equal, Fangbang flexo printer helps brand your paper packaging with a professional look, allowing you to customize your paper bag with logos, texts and graphics, all the while increasing brand awareness. Better still, Fangbang paper converting machines help you produce your paper rolls, paper handles, and paper sheets in-house, without the hassle of buying these raw materials from other suppliers. With Fangbang paper bag production solution, you’ll see your bottom line increasing, and so will your customer loyalty.

Main products
    1. Fully Auto Sheet-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

      The ZD-QFP08B/14/18/20 model paper bag making machine is a customer favorite, customers are pleased by the amount of space inside the bag, which becomes even more convenient when equipped with handles and a rigid square bottom.

    1. Sheet-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

      Customers often turn to Fangbang as their trusted Chinese tote bag manufacturing machine. This paper bag making machine can produce paper bags in almost any size and out of almost any special paper quickly and efficiently.

    1. Fully Auto Roll-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

      The continuous roll of paper that is fed into the machine is cut to length with a cutter, so that each length can function as an individual body panel on the bag. This cutting process is closely monitored by the photo eye.

    1. Roll-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine (Mid/Big)

      When your paper bag production job calls for larger size and faster speed, you need a powerful paper bag making machine that won't slow you down. With over 20 years of experience we have worked with well-known customers.

    1. Roll-Fed Patch Handle Paper Bag Machine

      It takes paper rolls as raw material and produce in volumes quickly of patch handle bags. With a high speed at 240 bags per minute, the square bottom bag machine works very well with a number of bag sizes.

    1. Unit-Type Flexo Printing Machine

      Not just known as a trusted bag machine manufacturer, Fangbang also takes great pride in its contribution to flexo printing technology. Its flexo printing machine has undergone two major improvements.

    1. High-Speed Paper Handle Machine

      From the very beginning, Fangbang has been dedicated to helping paper bag businesses produce quality flat as well as twisted paper handles by supplying them with high speed paper handle machines.

    1. Roll-Fed Sheet Cutter

      Customer benefit from the intelligent control combined with the servo motor and AC frequency converter. As a widely used piece of paper converting equipment, the automatic paper cutting machine has been a customer favorite.