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Sheet-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

    1. Sheet-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

      Customers often turn to Fangbang as their trusted Chinese tote bag manufacturing machine. This paper bag making machine can produce paper bags in almost any size and out of almost any special paper quickly and efficiently.


Traditional paper bag manufacturing processes more often than not run into problems. One common problem is the appearance of an unsightly crease, also known as an indentation on the front panel on each paper bag being made.

This has led to a rising demand for crease-free technology, which is why we have developed this new paper bag making machine that keeps the paper's front surface untouched throughout the entire production process. The resulting bag has a smooth, flat surface that holds up well under different loads.

Fangbang paper bag making machines are able to flexibly handle a large grammage range in the paper, ranging from 70 to 250g/m2, which covers almost all paper bags available on the market. This is in contrast to traditional paper bag equipment, which have strict requirements on the paper grammage.

In addition to advantages in paper quality and production flexibility, this state of the art sheet fed paper bag making machine works faster than an average sheet feeding paper bag machine. Our extensive catalogue covers everything from paper bag machines to flexo printing machines and ancillary equipment. If you find what you need, please feel free to contact us.