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Sheet-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Model: ZD-FP08B/14/18/20

With over 2 decades of experience, customers often turn to Fangbang as their trusted Chinese tote bag manufacturing machine, as they know that we can guarantee them excellent services and advice on choosing the right paper bag making machine or tote bag production solutions to fit their needs.

Technical Specifications

Model ZD-FP08B ZD-FP14
Paper Size Range 350~730mm 530~1050mm
Paper Tube (body panel) Length 310~490mm 360~630mm
Paper Thickness 100~220g/m2 80~220g/m2
Bag Body Width 100~220mm 180~350mm
Bag Body Length 215~395mm 250~480mm
Bag Bottom Size 60~130mm 70~160mm
Max. Production Speed 80bags/min 80bags/min
Total Power 12kw 13kw
Total Weight Approx. 10000kg Approx. 11000kg
Overall Dimension L13500mm×W2400mm×H1600mm L13000mm×W2400mm×H1700mm
Model ZD-FP18 ZD-FP20
Paper Size Range 630~1250mm 670~1340mm
Paper Tube (body panel) Length 360~630mm 360~630mm
Paper Thickness 80~220g/m2 100~220g/m2
Bag Body Width 220~450mm 240~500mm
Bag Body Length 250~480mm 250~480mm
Bag Bottom Size 70~160mm 80~160mm
Max. Production Speed 80bags/min 80bags/min
Total Power 15kw 15kw
Total Weight Approx. 12000kg Approx. 14000kg
Overall Dimension L13000mm×W2500mm×H1700mm L13500mm×W2500mm×H1700mm

This page is dedicated to the Fangbang ZD-FP08B/14/18/20 sheet fed paper bag making machine, which has been specifically designed for those who run paper bag making factories. This paper bag making machine can produce paper bags in almost any size and out of almost any special paper quickly and efficiently. The resulting tote bag is widely used in commercial sectors ranging from groceries to pharmaceuticals and shoe stores.

Advanced pre-stack paper feeds one sheet at a time to each following process, with no need to stop the machine. This decreases downtime and increases customer profits. As a favorite among beginning paper bag companies, this equipment can carry out a series of tasks with one machine, including paper feeding, body panel creasing, glue application, body panel formation, and gluing the square bottom. As it is highly automated, labor costs are reduced, while still ensuring a consistent paper quality. The excellent gluing system applies a water based adhesive as well as a hot melt glue in a quick and neat process.

Here are a few paper bag samples made by our ZD-FP08B/14/18/20 paper bag machine. Remember that this machine can not make paper handles.


  • Fangbang paper bag equipment can handle a variety of papers, including craft paper, coated paper and laminated paper and turn them into quality paper bags to use as grocery bags, gift bags, and shopping bags.
  • This paper bag maker provides 2 different paper bags with no handles.

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