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Roll-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine (Mid/Big)

Model: ZD-FJ11C/13C/18B

When your paper bag production job calls for larger size and faster speed, you need a powerful paper bag making machine that won't slow you down. Model ZD-FJ11C/13C/18B is a customer favorite, known for its production speed and capacity.

Technical Specifications

Model ZD-FJ11C ZD-FJ13C ZD-FJ18B
Paper Roll Width 370~890mm 450~970mm 660~1230mm
Max. Paper Roll Diameter ф1200mm ф1200mm ф1200mm
Paperboard Core Diameter ф76mm (3’’) ф76mm (3’’) ф76mm (3’’)
Paper Thickness 50~150g/m2 55~160g/m2 80~170g/m2
Tube Length 270~530mm 270~530mm 270~530mm
Bag Body Width 110~280mm 150~320mm 260~450mm
Bag Bottom Size 60~150mm 60~150mm 60~150mm(85~180mm)
Max. Production Speed 240bags/min 220bags/min 180bags/min
Total Power 18.5kw 18.5kw 18.5kw
Total Weight Approx. 8000kg Approx. 8500kg Approx. 10000kg
Overall Dimension L9000mm×W3300mm ×H1900mm L9000mm×W3450mm ×H1900mm L9000mm×W3500mm ×H1900mm

The paper bag machine provides a quick way to produce food bags, kraft bags, and other forms of square bottom paper bags. Other key traits of this paper bag making machine include simple operation and reliable bag quality. With these in mind, buyers can be confident that your paper bag customers will never be waiting for quality orders to arrive.

Pictured below are several paper bags (without handles) produced by our ZD-FJ11C/13C/18B square bottom paper bag machine.

1. A high level automation allows various operations to be done easily, tasks such paper feeding, body panel forming and cutting, and gluing the square bottom.
2. Advanced photo eye automatically corrects the bag length errors during cutting, thereby ensuring the cutting precision.
3. Top-notch Siemens PLC system makes sure the entire production system can run in tip top condition.
4. Specially designed bag gathering platform collects finished paper bags and records the number, which make the following packing process much easier.

  • Though designed primarily for producing large size bags, the paper bag making machine can actually work with various paper sizes.
  • The machine works super fast, at a maximum speed of 240 bags per minute.

Close-up Views

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