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Roll-Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

    1. Roll-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine (Small)Model ZD-FJ08C paper bag machine provides a fast way to make small square bottom paper bags. With one unit of equipment, operators can perform a series of operations, including paper feeding, body panel forming and cutting, and adding the square bottom.
    1. Roll-Fed Patch Handle Paper Bag Machine

      It takes paper rolls as raw material and produce in volumes quickly of patch handle bags. With a high speed at 240 bags per minute, the square bottom bag machine works very well with a number of bag sizes.


Instead of feeding the paper sheet one at a time like in the sheet fed paper bag machine, the roll-fed paper bag machine allows for the continuous roll of paper to be fed through the production process. When your production calls for more speed or capacity, the roll feeding series paper bag making machine is a great choice for producing high volumes of shopping bags, food bags, and kraft bags in a fast and efficient manner. Businesses that commonly use these bags include the food industry, toys, apparel, and drink industries.

This area spotlights the Fangbang ZD-QFJ18/21B, ZD-FJ08C, ZD-FJ11C/13C/18B, and ZD-FJ11-P/13-P/18-P series. All models can make paper bags in almost any size and out of a variety of different paper materials. These paper bag making machines feature a fast production process, easy operation and low operating costs. Click on the corresponding page to find out more about each model.

In addition to paper bag equipment, we also supply flexo printing machines and paper converting machines. If you are interested in any of these paper bag making machines, don't hesitate to contact us.