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High-Speed Paper Handle Machine

Model: ZD-SB100

Though many take it for granted, the paper handles on your paper bag play an important part in the bag's ability to carry heavy or fragile purchases safely home. From the very beginning, Fangbang has been dedicated to helping paper bag businesses produce quality flat as well as twisted paper handles by supplying them with high-speed paper handle machines.

With a maximum speed of 10000 pairs per hour, Fangbang ZD-SB100 paper handle machine provides a fast way to produce strong paper handles. At a later stage, those handles will be glued to paper bags, and together they form shopping bags that make purchases easy to carry.

Technical Specifications

Model Code ZD-SB100
Internal Diameter of Paper Roll Ф76mm (3")
Maximum Outward Diameter of Paper Roll Ф1000mm
Production Speed 10000 pairs/h
Power Source 380V, 3 phases, 4 wires
Total Power 4.5kw
Total Weight Approx. 1500kg
Overall Dimensions L4000mm×W1300mm×H1500mm

Fangbang paper handle machine takes two narrow paper rolls and one roll of paper twine as raw material, unwind them and stick the paper and twine together as they are fed through the cutting zone to obtain individual paper handles. Features like the automatic counter and gluing system help improve the efficiency of follow-up processes.

The Fangbang company was founded in 1990, and is a dedicated Chinese paper bag machine manufacturer. In addition to paper bag makers, we also supply a variety of flexo printing machines, paper handle machines, and sheeting machines. When you order from Fangbang, you get more than a standalone machine, but a complete paper bag production solution. For more information, feel free to call.

Below are a few paper handles made by our high-speed paper handle machine.

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