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Twisted Paper Rope Machine

Model: ZD-YS300

If you want to produce twisted paper handles, one thing you need to prepare beforehand is paper twine. Instead of buying highly-priced paper twine from other suppliers, you can make it in your own factory. Fangbang ZD-YS300 paper twister is built to twist paper strips into twine in a fast manner. Twine diameters can be easily adjusted to meet diverse demands from customers. Upon your request, we can modify this paper converting machine so that it produces two different twines at the same time and thus doubles your production yields. For more paper bag equipment and auxiliary machines, please click on other pages or contact us directly.

These vibrant color paper ropes featured below are just a few of many samples made of our ZD-YS300 twisted paper rope machine.

Technical Specifications

Model ZD-YS300
Internal Diameter of Paper Roll 76mm (3")
Maximum Outward Diameter of Paper Roll 450mm
Paper Roll Width 30-100mm
Grammage 15~60g/m2
Twine Diameter Ф2.5~5mm
Twine Roll Diameter 76mm (3")
Maximum Twine Roll Outward Diameter 250mm
Maximum Twine Roll Width 300mm
Production Speed 5~30m/min
Power Source 220V, single phase
Total Power 1.1kw
Total Weight Approx. 300kg
Overall Dimensions L900mm × W1300mm × H800mm
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