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Paper Processing Equipment

    1. High-Speed Paper Handle Machine

      From the very beginning, Fangbang has been dedicated to helping paper bag businesses produce quality flat as well as twisted paper handles by supplying them with high speed paper handle machines.

    1. Twisted Paper Rope MachineInstead of buying highly-priced paper twine from other suppliers, you can make it in your own factory. Fangbang ZD-YS300 paper twister is built to twist paper strips into twine in a fast manner.
    1. Twisted Paper Rope Rewinding MachineThe purpose of rewinding is to ensure the twine roll can deliver a smooth and even flow of twine when it unwinds during twisted paper handle production. Fangbang ZD-FJ200 rewinding machine is designed specifically for this purpose.
    1. Roll-Fed Sheet Cutter

      Customer benefit from the intelligent control combined with the servo motor and AC frequency converter. As a widely used piece of paper converting equipment, the automatic paper cutting machine has been a customer favorite.

    1. Roll-Fed Slitting Machine

      FT-1300A roll slitting machine is designed specifically for use with Fangbang flexo printing machine. Important assets on this slitting equipment include: electro-optical tracking, error correction, magnetic particle brake.


Though focusing primarily on the paper bag machinery, Fangbang also handles a variety of paper converting machines which are typically used to make paper twines, rewind paper yarns, slit paper rolls, and produce paper sheets. Since 1990, when Fangbang was founded, the company has been committed to helping paper converting businesses save operating costs with our quality paper bag making machine, flexo printing press and other paper converting machines.