Jiangsu Fangbang Machinery Co., Ltd.

999 Chengbo Road,Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, China

Main Tel.: +86-512-65798888

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  • Company Profile

  • Registered under the brand name Fangbang, Fangbang Machinery Co. is a dedicated Chinese manufacturer of paper bag machines. From different variations of paper bag making machines to flexo printers and paper converting machinery, we pull out all the stops to keep your paper bag business up and running. Fangbang strictly follows ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards, which we are fully certified for. Now that we are in the third decade of operation, Fangbang is continuously expanding its scale of production. Through capacity expansion, Fangbang aims to achieve sustainable growth, or become an industry leader for that matter.

    Expansive catalogue complemented with complete custom solutions
    A high level of flexibility allows Fangbang paper bag machine to produce a variety of paper bags with one unit of equipment, for home or commercial uses, to carry toys, food, drinks, or apparel. The rising demand for mid and top-range paper bag makers encourages us to produce safer, faster, and more stable machines. In addition to paper bag equipment, we also offer flexo printers, paper handle twisters, and roll slitters. Together they can form a complete tote bag production solution. In the dawn of a new era in paper bag manufacturing industry, Fangbang leads the way!

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  • Milestones

  • Fangbang has over 20 years of experience in the Chinese paper bag machine industry. Listed below are a few important milestones that have helped us develop into the company we are today.

    Our predecessor, Fangbang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established.

    Fangbang Packing Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded.

    Fangbang Industry Co., Ltd. was created in Shanghai.

    Fangbang's main products pass in-depth tests run by the Jingsu Light Industry Machinery Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

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