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Unit-Type Flexo Printing Machine

Model: YT-1000C, YT-1300C, YT-1500C

Not just known as a trusted Chinese bag machine manufacturer, Fangbang also takes great pride in the part it has played in the improvement of flexo printing technology. Throughout Fangbang's fruitful history of innovation, the flexo printing machine has undergone two major improvements which brought the technique to where it is today.

Originally, Fangbang YT-1000C flexo printing machine uses photosensitive resin and rubber to construct the printing plate. Ink is fed to the plate roller via another roller called the anilox roll. As the plate roller rotates, the ink on the printing plate is transferred to the object being printed.

Technical Specifications

Model Code YT-1000C YT-1300C YT-1500C
Paper Grammage 60~400g/m2 60~400 g/m2 60~400 g/m2
Max. Material Roll Width 1020mm 1320mm 1520mm
Max. Print Width 1000mm 1300mm 1500mm
Print Repeat Length 360~1200mm 360~1200mm 360~1200mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter ф1500mm ф1500mm ф1500mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter ф1500mm ф1500mm ф1500mm
Gear Specification 1/8cp 1/8cp 1/8cp
Max. Printing Speed 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min
Guiding Roller Diameter ф100mm ф100mm ф100mm
Main Motor Power 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
Drying Mode Hot air drying or infrared drying

This flexographic printing process is great for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it works the fastest among other printing methods, due to the use of fast-drying ink. As an added convenience for machine operators, the advanced PLC system maintains automatic control of the entire color printing process, from unwinding and tension adjustment, to feeding, printing, and drying, to rewinding. Other desirable features include the deviation correction, tension control, roll change pre-warning, emergency stop (in the event of roll breakage), and dust removal.

Both YT-1300C and YT-1500C flexo printing machine can print on wider paper than the comparable YT-1000C model.

Take a look at these colorful texts, logos, and graphics printed on customer’s paper bags, carton boxes, and paper cups. Get a feel for why so many clients have relied on Fangbang flexo printing machine for eye-catching prints.

1. Flexo printing uses the anilox roll to produce high quality results rapidly.
2. Ability to print on a wide range of materials from plastics to corrugated paperboards.
3. Allows the addition of print units, otherwise known as stations, in order to create different tints and shades. Each print unit is printing a single color.
4. Low costs associated with producing flexograhpic plates and printing press setup. Scrap rate is low. Brings 30% to 50% cost savings compared to gravure printing.

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