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Flexo Printing Machine

    1. Unit-Type Flexo Printing Machine

      Not just known as a trusted bag machine manufacturer, Fangbang also takes great pride in its contribution to flexo printing technology. Its flexo printing machine has undergone two major improvements.

    1. Visual Plate Mounting MachinePlate mounting is an important step of the flexo printing process, YT-ZB series visual plate mounting machine is designed to place the printing plate in its intended position on your plate roller easily and accurately.
    1. Anilox Roller Ultrasonic Cleaning MachineYour anilox roll bathed in ink needs to be wiped clean after each work shift. The cleaning process is necessary because inks may dry on the roll and clog the dimples in it.

Not all paper bags are created equal. Fangbang flexo printing machine brands your packaging materials with a professional look, allowing you to personalize your paper bags and in turn increase brand awareness.

Other than logos or brands, almost any texts and graphics can be applied to the bag surface with our flexo printing machine. As it turns out, flexographic printing is the most flexible or diverse of color printing process since almost all absorbent and non-absorbent materials can print with it.

As a leading Chinese paper bag equipment manufacturer, Fangbang also supplies a range of flexo printing machines and paper converting equipment to meet your needs in packaging material industry. If you need any of said equipment, please feel free to give us a call.