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Roll-Fed Sheet Cutter

Model: FQ-1400/1700/1900A

Fangbang FQ-1400/1700/1900A is an automatic paper cutting machine that converts continuous paper rolls into individual paper sheets which later can be fed into the sheet-fed paper bag machine.

Customers will benefit from the intelligent control combined with the servo motor and AC frequency converter, making it possible to adjust cutting speed and improve cutting precision. The conveyor belt is a NITTA brand, imported from Japan. FINDEVA pneumatic vibrator, together with either Schneider or Omron electrical system, guarantees faster, more stable cutting operation at 300m/min. Quality cutting blades are purchased from German, and are supported by precision bearings for added cutting precision. Via touch-screen operation, paper cutting machine operators can easily control the entire cutting process. Uniquely designed pivot frame ensures stable tension control, so the paper can always keep flat.

Highlighted in the following picture is a stack of paper sheets produced by our roll-fed sheet cutter.

Technical Specifications

Model FQ-1400/1700/1900A
Paper Cutting Method The upper knife cuts reciprocally while the lower knife remains fixed.
Max. Paper Roll Width 1400mm/1700mm/1900mm
Max. Paper Roll Diameter Ф1800mm
Paper Grammage 60~550g/m2
Cutting Length Range 450~1450mm
Slitting Format 2 sheets
Cutting Precision Cut Length < 1000mm: ±0.5mm
Cut Length > 1000mm: ±0.1%
Max. Cutting Speed By Cut 300cuts/min
Max. Cutting Speed By Meter 300m/min
Max. Paper Pile Height 1300mm
Air Source Requirements 0.8MPa
Power Requirements 380V/220V, 50Hz
Total Weight 13000/10500/17000kg

As a piece of widely used paper converting equipment, the automatic paper cutting machine has been a customer favorite ever since it hit the markets, which is a testament to the fact that this paper cutter delivers the best value for money.

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