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Roll-Fed Slitting Machine

Model: FT-1300A

Fangbang is a leading Chinese paper bag equipment manufacturer, dedicated to the development and production of paper bag making machines, flexo printers, and paper converting machines. We strictly adhere to ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards, which Fangbang is fully certified for.

This page details the FT-1300A roll-fed slitting machine, which is designed specifically for use with Fangbang flexo printing machine, roll-fed paper bag machine, and paper handle machine. The roll slitter takes big rolls of paper and cut them into narrower widths.

The roll fed slitting machine takes a jumbo roll of paper and cuts them into a narrower width as is shown in the following picture.

Technical Specifications

Model Code FT-1300A
Max. Material Roll Width 1300mm
Max. Material Roll Diameter Ф1400mm
Product Roll Width 50~1300mm
Max. Product Roll Diameter Ф1400mm
Max. Slitting Speed 300m/min
Total Power 6kw
Total Weight Approx. 2700kg

Important assets on this slitting equipment include: electro-optical tracking, error correction, magnetic particle brake for tension control, and automatic length indicator. Advanced photoelectric sensor, coupled with fully automatic electrical control, ensures maximum reliability. Other than paper rolls, this roll slitting machine also works well with plastic films, aluminum foils, glass paper, and chemical fabrics. Places where Fangbang roll slitter finds utility are in laminating, packaging, printing, and bag making industries.

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